Troubleshooting MuleSoft Maven deployment issues

Unfortunately sometimes you run in to unexpected behavior when deploying your MuleSoft application using Maven. You have confirmed that everything is configured correctly. But then you run into a ugly null pointer exception. When this happens the best thing to do is to run the Maven command with extra debug settings using the -X option.

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Troublehooting mule autodiscovery issues

In MuleSoft you have the possibility to configure autodiscovery. The autodiscovery feature allows a mule runtime to be paired during deployment with the API Management portal. After you have paired the application you have the ability to enforce policies and have access to tracking information.

This feature is pretty well documented on how to configure autodiscovery but sometimes you can get in trouble configuring this feature. This can especially be true when you need to connect to the EU control plane instead of the default US management plane.

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Bringing an SOAP API under Management in Mule

This is a simple usecase where you want to expose an SOAP endpoint in Mule and make sure it is under management of the MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform.

The normal workflow is to create a RAML specification in the design center and fine-tuned the specification through the mocking service. After you are satisfied with the specification you can go to the management center and in the API Manage section you can add your newly created application.

With a SOAP/WSDL application the workflow is slightly different.

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